Otago Rail Trail - South Island, New Zealand

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 Bushranger Bikes Loyalty & Rewards Program:


Bushranger has always tried to offer some sort of initiative that recognises the importance of regular or repeat participation in my activities, tours and rides and lets face it - going away with those you have travelled with previously is like going on holiday with friends.

So - to put some structure around this concept so everyone knows what is available and you can take into consideration the advantage of the reduced costs when you are planning trips, I have established...


 The Repeat Offenders Club!

I have always offered discounts on the price of tours for those who were 'repeats' as I really appreciate people coming back and joining my trips again, however I felt it was time to formalise it.

It goes like this....

Bushranger Bikes Tours:

·         2 (or more) Bushranger Bikes ‘Full Tours’ in a 24 month period attracts a $150 discount on the second trip*

·         2 (or more) Bushranger Bikes ‘Full Tours’ in a 36 month period attracts a $100 discount on the second trip*

Bushranger Bikes 'Short Breaks:

See below...

So - what are you waiting for - start planning your Bushranger Bikes adventures and receive these fantastic discounts that will help you take more holidays more often.


* Conditions Apply: The time period is calculated from the finish date of the first trip to the start date of the second trip giving a generous eligibility period.  These discounts apply to all Bushranger Bikes ‘Full Tours’ i.e. Victorian High Country tours, New Zealand tours and any of my new emerging tours that are 7 days or longer in duration.  Discounts offered and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Occasionally specials will be offered and shorter tours may be eligible for the full 'Repeat Offenders' discounts and this will be advertised at the time and in relation to these trips.

However ‘Bushranger Short Breaks’ don’t miss out totally – participation in a Full Tour will provide a $50 discount on a subsequent Short Break taken within 12 months, and participation in a Short Break will give a $50 discount on subsequent Full Tour taken within 12 months.

*Only one discount applies – i.e. discounts from more than one tour cannot be lumped together.

*Discounts are calculated on the full advertised cost of the tour and are applied when the final tour payment is made.

*Discounts only apply to the cost of a tour and can't be traded for cash or goods.

*Advertised tours will only proceed if minimum participation numbers are received.

* Updated 1 September 2014

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