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Southeast Queensland Tours and Rides:

Bushranger Bikes is committed to continuing to find and run exciting cycling adventures in our backyard - fantastic Southeast Queensland!  The only restriction - finding the time!

The aim - Cycling Fun to 'Beat the Boring'    Click to find out more.

Some of the great Bushranger Bikes rides - follow the links below for ride overviews:

Coastal Bike Path Adventures

Come 'n' Try Mountain Biking : Samford Valley

Coolum to Noosa River (Tewantin)

Mexican Wander - Fingal/Pottsville

Ewen Maddock Dam Trail Ride

Sunshine Coast Hinterland - Kin Kin MTB Day Ride  

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Pt Cartwright - Sunshine Coast

 What's 'Beat the Boring' all about?  Having fun on your bike!

Bushranger Bikes strives to offer something a little different – not your everyday events or rides - nothing competitive, nothing big, nothing humdrum, no crowds and no queues – just high quality, well managed and safe small group adventures to different, interesting and amazing places. Trail rides (paths, back roads, routes, rail trails, forest trails) - big on adventure and fun - minimal on public roads.

So for those who like their cycling adventurous and are ready for (or want to continue down) the trail of exploration, discovery and cycling fun - Bushranger Bikes runs some ‘Beat the Boring’ rides. There will be half day & full day activities, others will be over nighters, there will be bike path rides, coastal rides, food & wine rides, back roads, dirt roads, rail trails & mountain biking, themed rides, and rides with friends - and there may even be the occasional 'Short Break' creeping in to the ‘Beat the Boring’ program – something different and unique.

Weekends can be busy so weekday rides will be a key feature – Monday Meanders, Tantalising Tuesdays, Wednesday Wanders, Thrilling Thursdays & Frisky Fridays!  Perfect way to miss the crowds and increase the cycling fun.

Exploring new food and coffee establishments is will be part of it!

Check out the Bushranger Bikes rides below.  And then there's my tours.......

Daisy Hill Trails

Cruise the Sunshine Coast:

Overview: Caloundra (Golden Beach) to Point Cartwright return.  Approx. Distance 50kms.

Requirements: Expect a reasonable riding distance (50kms or more) so you will need to be comfortable riding your bike over this distance and timeframe (up to 5 hours) – the times include riding time and stops – morning tea and lunch – and are a rough guide only.  Travel time to and from the rides is additional.  Bring plenty of water and an energy snack as conditions could be warm, and also pack wet gear in case of rain.

Category is bike path/road.  The tours are Grade 2 easy to intermediate.

The ride will include a morning tea and/lunch stop (great café at Pt Cartwright) – meals, drinks etc. are at own expense.

Cost – The ride is $40 per person, or $50 including a seat on the B Bus – see below*. Contact me to book, for more info or if you have any questions - payment on the day is the go!

*There is a transport option from Ferny Grove available – limited seats - so enquire if this interests you.  Rough guide – aiming to be on the bikes at Caloundra at 9:00AM, so this would be my place at 7:30AM.

More details on the ride – times, meeting points etc. will be provided after booking.  Bookings are essential – jon@bushrangerbikes.com.au

Sunshine Coast Trail

 Coolum to Noosa River (Tewantin) Return - Cruise the Coast - next ride date to be set E-mail - jon@bushrangerbikes.com.au.

This really is a great ride – predominantly on bike paths with some back roads and bike lanes, and lots of fantastic views over the coast.  Distance is around 50kms return and the gradient is mainly undulating while following the coast and flatter when we reach the Noosaville/Tewantin area.  There are some open sections that will be hot on a fine day but expect sea breezes to assist with cooling.

As we are riding a reasonable distance the plan is to keep moving along (with occasional stops to catch a breather, have a drink, plus discuss track directions and options) at a reasonable/more leisurely pace if it is hot to ensure that we don’t burn out and have the energy to get back to Coolum.  I have a couple of lunch/coffee alternatives if we decide to cut a little distance out of the ride.

Details: You will need to allow the full day including travel time up and back to Brisbane.  Meet/Start time at Coolum is 9:00AM and expect to be back in Brisbane around 4:40PM.  We will ride the coastal pathways through Peregian Beach, Marcus Beach, Castaways Beach and on to Sunrise and Sunshine Beaches.  From here we pick up the bikeway that will take us out around the wetlands and on to Noosaville/Tewantin and the River front where we will have lunch at one of the great cafes.

The return will be via the Noosaville River bikeway and out around Weyba Creek and Kayser Channel, then retrace the same route back to Coolum with a coffee stop at one of my favourite cafes at Peregian Beach before we get back – mid afternoon.

Requirements: Bring some $ for coffee and lunch.  As it is a reasonable distance you will need to be prepared to expend a little energy and be comfortable riding your bike over this distance and timeframe.  Bring plenty of water and an energy snack as conditions could be warm, and also pack wet/warm gear in case of rain.

Category is bike path/road.  The tour is a Grade 2 easy to intermediate.

Bookings essential.  Cost: $40 pp, meals etc. are at own expense or $50 including a Transport Option: There are limited seats are available in the Bushranger Bus – first in basis. Bike & equipment hire if required is $25. Ph 3139 1402 or e-mail - jon@bushrangerbikes.com.au.

Further details will be provided upon booking.  This trip is dependant upon minimum participant numbers and fine weather.

Tranquil Pottsville

'The Mexican Wander' (across the border) - Fingal to Pottsville - Return

This ride is great and has it all - fantastic scenery, relaxed cycling mainly on bike paths, flat, cooling sea breezes, great food & coffee.

We start at Fingal and ride through to Pottsville stopping for lunch here or at Salt on the way back. Along the way we pass through Kingscliff (gelato stop), Casuarina and Cabarita Beaches, Hastings Point including riding through the Salt complex of resorts and all the amazing homes – plenty to WOW about here.

Ride Details:  This is a great ride – predominantly on bike paths with some quiet back road sections.  Fantastic coastal views with nice easy riding and some great gourmet options.  Distance will be around 55kms return and the gradient is mainly flat.  Expect sea breezes.

Start time from Fingal is 9:30AM and there are some seats available in the Bushranger Bus for those that want to relax on the way down and back.  For those who are travelling down independently I will provide all the meeting details after booking - it takes me just under 2 hours to drive to Fingal from Ferny Grove so this will give you a timing guide.  The impact of any peak hour traffic would need to be factored in.   The aim is to be back at Fingal around 2:30PM which should have everyone back in Brisbane around 5:00PM.

Requirements: It is a reasonable riding distance (50kms) so you will need to be comfortable riding your bike over this distance and timeframe.  Bring plenty of water and an energy snack as conditions could be warm, and also pack wet/warm gear in case of rain.

Category is bike path/road.  The tour is a Grade 2 easy to intermediate.

Cost: $40 pp - Meals etc. are at own expense, or $50 including a Transport Option: There are limited seats are available in the Bushranger Bus - first in basis.  Bike & equipment hire if required is $25.

Bookings essential so contact me mow…. Ph 3139 1402 or e-mail - jon@bushrangerbikes.com.au.


 Ewen Maddock Dam Trail Ride

Ride Notes:

The route we will take is from Maddock Park following some great trails around the dam and through land managed by Queensland Water.  These trails will take us through to the outskirts of Landsborough where we will pick up a short section of bitumen through the burbs and then onto a fire road running through Dularcha National Park that will take us directly into Mooloolah, and then we will return via the same route.

This would be the most enjoyable route, however if anyone requires a shorter route back you can go via Mooloolah Connection Road on road and pathway, but this involves some climbing and ‘undulations’ – and missing the lunch option. 

There is a network of trails and ride options, some are a better ride than others, and some are designated as walking only.

The route is predominantly flat with a couple of sharp (steep) but short climbs just out of the car park at the start of the ride.  And of course we will need to deal with these again at ride finish.  However they are short and can be easily walked if required.

The first part of the ride around the dam is very nice and provides some water views, thicker forest sections and farmland, and the trail surface is a mix of hard pack with some softer sandy sections. These will require some care and potentially a little more effort, however when  I rode the trail a last the condition was very good and bikes had worn in a nice hard and rolling line.

The fire road from Landsborough through to Mooloolah is in very good condition with a nice hard and flowing surface and rides well, however you will still need to pick your line and take care.  There is an old tunnel (only short) that we will ride through before we hit town which adds to the interest.

Over all this ride would be rated as 'easy' mountain biking and with the distance possibly moves into the intermediate category.

Ride Details:

Meeting - start time is normally 9:00 - 9:15AM at Maddock Park with plenty of parking available. The drive from Brisbane Northside is probably around 1:15 – 1:30 hours/mins – via Bruce Hwy and Steve Irwin Way to Mooloolah Connection Road.  The entrance to Maddock Park and the Dam Wall is just a few kms along on the left.

Lunch – normally lunch is at the local café at Mooloolah, however if it is closed due to public holiday etc. then there are the back-up options at Landsborough.

Timing - I would imagine we will make Mooloolah by 11:30AM, allow and hour for lunch, and returning via the same route will get us back to Maddock Park by 2:30PM ish. 

This timing is allowing a couple of hours each way and I think this is a reasonable assessment for a group.  When I did the recon a couple of months ago we covered each way in around 1:15 hrs/mins but we honked along.  So we may even buy some time for a more relaxed lunch break, and with the new schedule there will be a shorter ride back now after lunch at Landsborough.

Things to consider:

Ride distance - approx. 30kms in the saddle, so you would need to be able to ride this distance, at a steady pace to enable the group to keep to a reasonable timeframe.  ‘On gravel' adds to the impact on your bum and the fatigue factor – so it is easy mountain biking which some may consider a little different from easy cycling.  A comfy saddle and suspension will help.

So it’s not a big ride distance and the time allowance is generous, but it is off-road, requiring some concentration and a little effort.

The trail surface and condition is best suited to a mountain bike with at least front suspension to help absorb some of the shock.  A sturdy hybrid bike, with front suspension and treaded tyres would be okay - but no slick tyres due to the lack of grip and safety considerations.  Your bike should be in good mechanical and safe condition.

It can be warm, there is good tree cover along most of the ride but hydration will still be important.  Also carry a rain jacket in case.

Category is off-road - fire trails and single track, some short road sections.  The tour is a Grade 2 easy to intermediate.

Other Stuff:

Cost: $40 pp - Meals etc. are at own expense, or $50 including a Transport Option: There are limited seats are available in the Bushranger Bus - first in basis.  Bike & equipment hire if required is $25.

Come 'n' Try Mountain Biking - Samford Valley Pony Trails

When: On demand Social ‘recreational’ mountain bike ride in the Samford Valley.

NEXT RIDE - please e-mail for information - jon@bushrangerbikes.com.au

Ride Details: Samford Valley Pony Trails Come ‘n’ Try Mountain Biking.  This ride will start and finish in Samford Village and be a mix of off-road trails and quiet bitumen back roads.  The distance will be approximately 20kms and the difficulty level and gradients etc. will be easy and paced to suit the group.

This is a great activity to try off-road cycling/mountain biking, but bear in mind that this rated as easy mountain biking – which is not necessarily the same as easy cycling.  I'm sure there will be some challenges in there for everyone however the ride will be paced to suit those along on the day and the plan is to keep the anxiety levels down – and the FUN level up!

So - if you haven’t ridden your bike off-road yet or are newish to mountain biking and want build your confidence and practice the different skills required to ride a bike safely on unformed trails (gravel, dirt or grass) then this is the ride for you!

Meet time will be 8:00 AM for a 8:30AM start and expect to finish around 11:30AM. (this timing will be confirmed when booking) There will be a coffee break so bring some $.

Cost: $35 per person and bike & equipment hire if required is $25.

Requirements:  You will need reasonable bike fitness, and be competent/confident on your bike.  A mountain bike in good mechanical condition is essential.

Bookings essential.  To book e-mail - jon@bushrangerbikes.com.au and I will e-mail back the meeting arrangements etc.

Kin Kin/Sunshine Coast back country cycling adventure.

When: On demand – full day activity with an early departure from Brisbane, returning in the evening.  Weather and conditions permitting, we ride a Noosa Trail loop from either Pomona, Kin Kin or Cooran through to Lake MacDonald for lunch, and then return.  While these trails are not overly technical there are some decent climbs and they are exposed to the sun and weather in places.  These rides are between 30 and 50km distance and require a mountain bike and some confidence/skill in riding a bike off-road.

Cost: $40 pp - Meals etc. are at own expense, or $50 including a Transport Option: There are limited seats are available in the Bushranger Bus - first in basis.  Bike & equipment hire if required is $25.

Booking: Mountain bikes are available for hire at $25 each - contact Jon to book your place and organise a bike if required - Ph 3139 1402 or e-mail jon@bushrangerbikes.com.au  

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